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We supply various glazing systems for the restoration of historic buildings. Histoglass is designed to be installed into existing timber and metal frames without altering the fine detailing of the glazing bars.

Histoglass Thin Double Glazing is the only product of its kind to fully comply with BS EN 1279 (parts 1-6). It is covered by a 7 year manufacturers warranty. The systems are available in a wide range of thicknesses and glass types to suit the age of a building, each with differing thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Histoglass Thin Double Glazing is available from 10mm and, depending on the spacer bar width, achieves a U-value of 1.9 - 1.3.

Histoglass MONO Systems were specifically developed to fit into rebates where even thin double glazing is not an option. MONO RT+ was developed with an eye on Georgian frames as the 4mm system will always fit into any existing rebate.

The glass types below are all compatible with our thin double glazing systems and please have a look on the MONO System pages to see which glass types are available.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a full table with availbale products.

Glazing Systems
Thin Double Glazing
From 10mm, U-value = 1.9 - 1.3
Laminated Insulating Glazing
Laminated Insulating Glazing U=3.6, dB=36
Single Glazing
4mm toughened U=3.6
Glass Types
Float Glass
Late 1950s onwards.
Machine Drawn Glass
Approx. 1915-1960
Hand Drawn Glass
Approx. 1860-1920
cylinder glass
Approx. 1700-1860
Other Information
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Histoglass Thin Double Glazing in combination with Linseed Paint
Install Thin DG when using Linseed Paint
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Historical Glazing Projects
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Product Look-Up Table
ThicknessBuild UpSpacer Bar ThicknessRebate Size RequiredU Value dB AcousticWeight in kg/m2SafetyHistoric Glass Type
MillimetresClear FloatToughenedLaminatedMDGD
Hand Drawn
Thin Double Glazing
D10103-4-349 - 18.51.915YYYYYY
D11113-4-449 - 19.51.93417.5YYYYYY
D12123-6-369 - 20.51.515YYYYYY
D13133-6-469 - 21.51.53417.5YYYYYY
D13/1.3133-7-379 - 22.51.315YYYYYY
D14/1.3143-7-479 - 23.51.317.5YYYYYY
MONO Systems
MONO RT9 - 10 N/A5 - 16.53.622.5-25YYY
MONO RT+4 N/A5 - 11.53.610YYY
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